Are you inspired by the latest kitchen trends and want to revamp your kitchen with the upgraded cabinet style, paint, flooring, and antique and pleasant finishing? We have gathered some stylish and functional themes that are going to stay in trend for a significant time period so you don’t need to spend money on an upgrade every other year. Let’s have a look at these infamous kitchen themes for your upcoming kitchen remodeling project.

1. Minimalist/ Compact Kitchen

For those who are available with a smaller area to build the kitchen, the minimal or compact theme is best to suit their needs. The most important element in this theme is cabinets as they will conceal your cooking range, dishwasher, appliances, refrigerator, and everything that can cover your space at the countertop or the kitchen island. Do not hesitate to embrace vibrant colors in your compact kitchen. Although the minimalists are perfectionists and subtle in style, they prefer dull tones of blues, greens, gray, white, or cream with fainted countertops and cabinets along with stainless steel appliances.

2. U-Shaped Kitchen

If you have a large kitchen space, try to create a U-shaped design that is good enough for small gatherings and family dinners. In a large setup such as in a U-shape design, maintaining the work triangle is critical but equally important to infuse convenience while cooking. The benchmark of a U-shaped kitchen is three walls with a central island that increases its efficiency and is more spacious for cooking, food preparation, storage, cleaning, and gathering. The contemporary U-styled kitchens are adorned with both dark and light hues. Its cabinets and other storages are painted in black, brown, dark green, and grey shades while the flooring and countertops are of lighter tones with intense lightning on the top.

3. Contemporary Kitchens

The contemporary kitchens are not just a place for cooking, it is one of the most relaxing spaces in your house where you can recharge and unwind while sipping your favorite coffee and glimpsing your garden through the large glass window. its walls are covered with your family pictures and by the side of your kitchen island, you can find magazines and cooking books. Under the wall height shelves which are proudly displaying your plant collection, there is the banquette seating with soft pillows on the sides and coffee beans on the table to enjoy lunch with your close friends and cherishing the warmth of the sun through the glass shed. The contemporary kitchen is an efficacious means to instill nature in the interior.

4. A Kitchen With A Refined Taste

Matching cabinets, island, storage, and flooring is the downright oldest and most boring kitchen style we have ever seen. Thank God, the trend is gone and the time of popping out contrasting colors and mixing metals has come. So, if you like blazing gold color and have always been unsure of how to infuse it in your kitchen, use a soft gilded faucet with nickel and black hardware to accentuate the dark drama of your kitchen. The same is with your island stools and kitchen chairs, which are likely interchangeable. Complete the look with a marble countertop, wooden breakfast counter, and wooden cabinets with a backdrop of dark walls.

If you don’t see renovating your kitchen in the near future, look for simple ways to give it a refreshing look. The revamping doesn’t mean knocking down the wall and building anew. With the right accessories, the vivacious color scheme, dark backsplashes and islands, and light fixtures, you can give a trendy and refined upgrade to your kitchen. We hope that you will be able to pull off a substantial transformation in your kitchen that would take everybody in awe.