We don’t utilize our kitchen just to cook food; we have dinners, parties, or a cup of coffee with our family in the same kitchen. Improving the functionality of your kitchen and organizing it well will permit the space to feel open, seem clean, and look extraordinary while satisfying your necessities. Here are 5 ideas to keep in mind while remodeling your kitchen to make it functional and organized.

Open Wall Storage

Utilizing vertical shelves, hanging racks and hooks is a great idea to increase your kitchen storage as well as keep your daily use utensils in your arms reach. These kitchen storage items are cheap to buy and easily available. These items also help you declutter your kitchen and store everything within a small designated space.  This idea is extraordinary for every kitchen no matter how big or small your kitchen is, also allowing you to choose the layout as you please without any restrictions. This kitchen storage arrangement is additionally an extraordinary way to flaunt your colorful wall or beautiful tiles that in any case may be covered by the massive cabinets.

Don’t Waste The Corner

Another incredible storage arrangement is a corner cabinet with a two-tiered carousel, pullout shelves, or wire racks on tracks. Utilize these clever storage solutions and have access to the otherwise squandered space, where you can keep skillets and large pots, rarely used appliances and other unused items. They store into these cabinets properly and give easy access when required, assisting with making a more coordinated kitchen.

Organize Your Spices

Most people tend to store spices in the top cabinets of their kitchens making it difficult to find less used spices or the ones that were stored at the back of the cabinet. Storing these spices in a drawer can help you save time while cooking as well as save you money by not letting you buy the spices you already have in your kitchen just because you couldn’t find them. This can be considered as a small change but will make a huge difference as you could have your eyes on all the spices you stored in the kitchen at once.

Stop Flaunting Your Appliances in an Ugly Manner

Often your friends or guests accompany you in the kitchen while you are preparing dinner for them. Letting them see an ugly row of appliances on the countertop can put a bad impression of your beautiful kitchen in their minds. So present these time-saving kitchen gadgets in a proper manner. You could think of using appliance garages or panels that are storage units for your appliances with the vertically retractable front door. Also, it will help you keep your countertop clean and give you more space while prepping your food.

It’s Your Kitchen

Planning your kitchen remodel can be hectic and time-consuming. Often people tend to find inspiration from various kitchen designs to get the work done but forget that the kitchen they were inspired from wasn’t their kitchen. So always plan your kitchen according to your need and the way you work in your kitchen because everyone doesn’t work the same way in their kitchen. For instance, you could place frequently used items next to each other in locations that are easily accessible to you. So planning your kitchen remodel according to your necessities and workflow can increase your kitchen’s functionality and efficiency by saving your time and energy running around the kitchen and finding stuff.

People often make beautiful mistakes in their kitchen just because they had focused on making things look pretty in the kitchen and not functional or organized. Keep these ideas in mind while planning your kitchen remodel and your kitchen will not only look beautiful but will also serve its purpose in an impeccable way.