Now that we have entered in 2021, I think it is the best time to show what is trending in the world of kitchen design. If you are well aware with 2020 trends then you will see that some of the same elements are still trending. It is going to be fun and exciting to know what is hot and new in the kitchen designs. Now before we get into it, let me explain that trends are defined as something that is popular for a certain period of time. Although interior design trends do seem to last longer than fashion trends, but still they are not popular forever.Let’s start from playing with colors.

Pop Of Colors

Number one thing is a pop of colors in a kind of an unexpected way. A fun new advancement is some of these appliances like cooking ranges, that are coming out in cobalt blue or lime green, red and many refreshing colors. One thing to consider about it is that, if you are weighing buying a cobalt blue range or painting your island, your island is going to be a less expensive decision and you can easily change it up in a couple of years whenever you are ready. Choose wisely. 

Dark Kitchen

Trend of two main opposing colors is the second thing that is happening hard this year, particularly bold and dark colors like black palette, navy blue, plum are holding strong this year. In order to make it work for you, there are a couple of rules that you really want to make sure that you abide by with this trend. Keep your floor surface really light, doesn’t matter if it’s wood or tile. Opt for lighter or medium countertop. Additionally you need to adjust LED strips everywhere, especially the work surface under cabinets lightings. Good pendant lights that don’t just shine down but 360 degrees adds value to this theme. you need as much light as possible because it is a working room and you need to be able to see what you are doing. 

Wood Cabinetry

On the other side of the spectrum, warm finishes are really on the rise in kitchen designs right now including beiges, browns, Copper and warmer greys. Cabinets done with newer woods, fresher woods ,light woods, things like riff cut, white Oak, maple, straight grain Alder, gives really pretty light and luxurious fronts. When your kitchen is rustic and light themed like that, the whole layout helps to make your kitchen look expansive and luxurious, which is very satisfying.

Stone For The Backsplash.

Backsplashes in stone are in a lead. In order to follow this trend, the material that you are using on your countertop must also travel up your backsplash. If you have some coins to spend, you can run it all the way up to the ceiling to give it a more appealing look. It has been seen done in a couple of places that ends up happening as it makes the backsplash a super important and engaging detail. Many were found using stickers for the backsplashes that  look just like the stones.

Metallic Knobs  

Next in the list is metallic knobs. Either you are a minimalist or a super traditional or anywhere in between, transformation done with the use of metallic knobs never goes out of fashion. 

More Islands

Having more islands, two at least if you can manage, is new in kitchen designs. Being creative about islands, you have got to think about it in a way that makes the space work for you. Moreover, design is all your choice if you need to go high or low on an island or do you need to split it up into two.

Cabinets To The Ceiling

One of the trends that not only helped in giving an appealing look but also in optimizing the storage spaces is taking your cabinets all the way up to the ceiling. You can be super creative with this technique. The builder’s standard cabinets stop below the ceiling because it is cheaper but it is such a waste of space and you have all that weird stuff hanging up at the top. When you are remodeling your kitchen,make sure that your cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling. You might need stool to get the stuff up there but you can smartly utilize that space for storage this way.