Bathrooms are less likely to get the attention we give to the rest of our house. But having a comfortable and beautiful bathroom can add that extra oomph to your entire house. Believe it or not, most of us do spend quite some time in the bathroom when we are upset, want to freshen u,p or simply hiding from our children for some alone time.

Fortunately, to make it look good you don’t need to break the bank since it’s a very small area compared to the rest of the rooms in the house. Also, bathrooms don’t need a lot to make them new or fresh. E.g a change of porcelain tiles or adding a wall of green faux leaves and a few mirrors can do the trick. Let’s talk about flooring today. Here are a few budget-friendly options:
1. Standard Vinyl
Vinyl has great qualities when it comes to bathroom floor tiles. They are water-resistant, stain-resistant, inexpensive, durable, and tough in the face of most types of damage. It’s not only easy to install but is also available in nearly every color and pattern which makes it easy to match too. However, although it’s inexpensive, its cheap materials can offset an off-gas volatile organic chemical into the bathroom, after initial installation. It lasts up to no more than 10years. The typical vinyl comes in two forms, vinyl sheet, and vinyl tiles. The sheet is an entire block of sheets for the bathroom and tiles are individual pieces glued down to the floor. We recommend sheets for bathrooms since they contain fewer or no seams at all.
2. Linoleum Floors
Linoleum floors are the vintage floor of the bathroom industry. They were mostly replaced by standard vinyl but have reappeared in the market. The reason being eco-friendly people. Since it’s largely made out of linseed oil, environment-friendly people love it. It has more or less the same properties and benefits as vinyl, the only repulsion is the smell it emits weeks after its installation. Costs about 2-5 per square foot. We recommend going seamless for linoleum as well.
3. Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles
Ceramic or Porcelain is mostly made out of natural clay mixed with other sediments. The mixture is because in its raw form porcelain can be very susceptible to bathroom damage such as water and stains. However, most homeowners get it glazed with glass-ceramics to make it resistant. Most homeowners opt-out of buying porcelain as it is expensive but for small spaces, it can be a beautiful and inexpensive solution especially if you buy it from the standard stock tile at those big box home improvement centers. One thing to remember, never try to install it on your own. It requires skill and a professional must be engaged.
4. Concrete Floors
It might seem like a typical industry-looking floor material but it’s surprisingly appearing more and more among modern home designs. Also, depending upon the area you live in, you might already have concrete underneath those vinyl tiles. It can be a very inexpensive option for small spaces. It can look very beautiful if polished well but we do recommend sealing it with some other agent to protect it from bathroom damage. It has a porous surface which is typically not a good idea in a bathroom. To prepare the floor the contractor will need to install cement board which costs around 2-3$ per square feet and to do the actual flooring a cost of 3-6$ per square foot. If you want some modern decorative options it can go up to an additional 2-5$.

Treating your bathroom with the right material can make a world of a difference in the overall aura of your house. Bathrooms are an important part of our comfort zone and it needs to reflect and be that too. Make sure to spare a decent amount of budget for your bathroom comfort as well while planning the rest of the homes. Let us know some of the changes you have done in your bathroom which makes it very comfortable.