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Christmas Gifts for Interior Design Lovers

We all have some special people in our gift list but then there are some people whose aesthetic is so elegant and exquisite that finding a gift for them becomes one of the hardest things to do. If you have any interior design friends you would definitely know. This year we wanted to help you on this godforsaken journey of choosing gifts for the most demanding friends and family members, interior designers! We are definitely going to match their expectations and probably even their aesthetic sense. 

  1. Scented Candle And Candle Stand 

Honestly, there’s no chance that you can go wrong with scented candles. Every one loves the warm and fuzzy feeling that candle lit rooms have. You could try to make your own christmas themed special candles and decorate the outside yourself but we suggest you don’t take the risk and find a scented candle fit for christmas. Couple your gift with a candle stand, make sure that the candle stand is timeless and can be put in the house throughout the year. Neutrals are preferred these days so choose the color of the sand wisely. 

  1. Dinner Set 

People who have an eye for the finer things really appreciate a good dinner. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the gift you may have to spend extra time finding a good dinner set in your budget. But if your budget is flexible there are numerous options especially designer ware dinner sets are just too good. Your gift will always be close to your loved one and most importantly your gift will be a very useful and beautiful addition to their home. Try to go for not so bright colors and probably a solid colored dinner set, they’re really in fashion these days. 

  1. Label Maker 

This may seem like a foolish idea at first but many people who are into interior designing like things very orderly and mess free so a label maker can be the greatest gift to them. They can manage everything in their house from the jars in the kitchen to bathroom toiletries and everything can get a tag. I would be the happiest person if someone got me this, it would make organising things so easy and it would bring so much uniformity to the jars in your kitchen. The best part is that you can find these on Amazon for as much as $20 only! 

  1. Lego Architecture 

Anyone who has even a little love for structures will fall for this gift instantly (until they step on a lego). Regardless of age the fun that this whole process of making something from blocks entails is going to put a smile on anyone’s face! Moreover, many people unknowingly started their career with their blocks and for this reason the nostalgia will make them love it even more. Lego has a wide variety of structures from New york city to the Eiffel Tower chose whatever you think goes with the vibe of your someone special. 

  1. Rugs 

A good rug can change the look of your entire room. An interior designer how to place a good rug to make your room look bigger and better. So find your special interior designer lover a good rug. We suggest that you try and look for handmade Afghani or Turkish Carpets they may be expensive but their designs are exquisite and definitely worth the money. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money you can try to get a solid color rug probably in some neutral shade that would fit any room in their house. 

  1. Stationery 

A lot of my designer friends are always carrying a geometry box with them because their work usually requires drawing and even otherwise designers really like to draw and paint. You could get them a high quality paper sketchbook or notebook. Additionally, shadowing pencils and colors along with some scales and any other cute stationery you find. Giving them an architecture related book or an adult interior design coloring book. 

We hope to have made your journey of choosing the perfect gift a little easier with these suggestions. Add a personalized card to your gift to make it even better! 

Tips On Remodeling Your Kitchen On A Budget

An average kitchen overhaul runs between 20000$ to 50000$ depending on how deeply are we digging. But if you really listen to the experts you can save a lot of money on Kitchen remodeling, a little tweak here and a little there without spending a fortune can give it a new look and feel in a matter of days.

Below are some budget friendly kitchen remodeling tips to get you started on saving some money. 

Before you start

Have a grand plan, if you are planning on more than repainting the walls and changing the cabinets don’t try to save money on not hiring a designer. This will help you save money on a lot of expensive designing errors that might change the way your kitchen looks and functions. One other thing that should be done before a sledge hammer touches your kitchen wall is decide on the products and have them on sight. According to kitchen designing experts one major thing that puts your budget into a spiral is the kitchen products. Reason being if a product is backordered the owner is usually charged more and oh their contractors took out time from another project so now you are paying for those hours too. Now that we have these covered, let’s get started.

1.White paint is your friend

One of the biggest expense culprits  when it comes to kitchen renovation is cabinets. IF your cabinets are in good shape but look a little worn out or you just want to cook somewhere new, one tip only. Paint em white. Yes, paint them bright white. White paint does wonders for old cabinets and saves you a ton of money as well. We recommend washing, priming and then painting them. Adding a few things like lights or a window cover will enhance this white effort you put in.

2.New doors

If the structure of your cabinets is sound but are too outdated to be salvaged even by a coat of paint consider installing new doors to them. You don’t have to toss out the entire cabinets, just get the right measurements and order the doors you like online. Hey nobody knows what’s behind those doors, right *wink wink*

3.Light it up 

Bringing in more warm lights is always a good idea. Not only it brightens up your kitchen but also gives it that cozy ambiance that you love enjoying while solo cooking. Hanging well designed pendants for light and style. Make sure you add bright overhead lights concentrated in certain areas specially where you will be cooking. Also cabinet lights, they are functional as well as won’t break your budget. 

4.No one will know its Remnant stone

We all want those beautiful granite and solid surface counters but they are bound to break your back and bank literally. We have a secret to tell you, if you don’t have to cover huge swaths of countertops to cover up, go to the granite supply yards and check out the remnants they have. You will find yourself some great deals, go hurry up. Thank us later

5.Make scratches and dents your friend

If you are comfortable with hand me downs, this tip will save you loads of cash in the longer run. Having reuse stores that sell used kitchen improvement items. Pay them a visit to look for things you might need in your remodeling, also ask contractors and builders for places they donate or sell their overstock . A little bit of timing and hint of luck, you never know what you might get.

How Can You Spruce Up Your Space With Plants

ronically, urbanization has resulted in an increased demand for greenery and nature in interior design. The recent trends show that humans living in big cities tend to buy more indoor plants to compensate for their surroundings’ lack of plants. Apart from bringing life and appeal to a room, they also filtrate the air, making breathing more favorable. Plants create a calm and relaxing environment in the house, leaving a pleasant effect on our moods and mental health. So here are few ways you can bring nature inside your home and turn it into a junglow.

Hanging Herb Garden

In addition to enhancing the beauty of your kitchen, a herb garden is a great way to enjoy fresh, green, and organic herbs at any given time. Homegrown herbs will add a unique flavor to your dishes that no store-bought herb can beat. 

If you live in a small apartment and do not have enough space, then a hanging herb planter is your best friend. You can buy them online from any e-commerce website, from the local market, or craft one at home by upcycling used plastic bottles. 

The location of the herb garden depends on the growing conditions of your selected herbs. Some are sun-lovers and need at least six hours of sunlight, while others prefer to stay under the shade. So, don’t forget to read their care instructions before sowing the seed.

Living Curtains

Another smart way of sneaking plants inside a tiny city apartment is to replace your fabric curtains with hanging planters. Mental hangers, yarn macrame, and Japanese moss balls (kokedama) are a few items you can use to hang decorative plants. 

We suggest using plants that can cascade down beautifully to create that particular effect for these living curtains. Vine plants that thrive in heat and light, such as money plants, string of pearls, devil’s ivy, and Boston fern, are ideal for green curtains.

Moreover, these plants are easy to maintain, grow indoors, and accents the room with minimalistic tones. Just make sure that the window you choose faces the sun and receives plenty of sunlight every day.


Commonly known as the aquarium for plants, a terrarium is an ornamental piece used for recreating a miniature natural ecosystem like a forest in a glass jar. Due to their self sustaining abilities and low maintenance, they are highly popular among millennials. 

But what makes them self-sufficient? Well, they recycle the water if you seal them properly. The water vapor released from soil and plants collects onto the jar’s top instead of escaping into the air. Then, those water vapors start trickling down from the sides of the pot and reach the soil. 

As the environment inside a terrarium is highly humid, plants such as ferns, starfish plants, baby’s tears, and fittonia can grow perfectly well.

Plant Corner

If you have a small empty nook in your home and cannot figure out how to decorate it? Turn it into a plant corner with a wooden shelf and a few bamboo baskets to match a Scandinavian themed house.

Moreover, if your house’s theme is mid-century modern, consider buying chic metallic pedestal planters with metal wall planters. In this way, you will always have an unwinding corner to receive your daily dose of nature at the end of a hectic workday.

Bare Tree

Plant decor doesn’t always have to be green, especially with such unconventional design ideas. An abandoned old tree with no leaves and dried up branches is a favorite among fall enthusiasts who want to create the autumn vibe throughout the year. 

Just clean it with a duster, mount it properly somewhere inside the house, and hang fairy lights or other decorative artifacts.

This rustic trend is a sustainable and unique alternative to typical Christmas trees. Not only this, you can always customize it to your liking, and they demand zero maintenance. If you cannot find a whole tree, a single branch will suffice too. 

As long as you keep them alive and thriving, plants incorporation in interior design is a creative art. So instead of recreating a catalog design, have a little fun of your own.

X Home Decor Disasters You Should Avoid At Any Cost!

Did you recently move to a new house or apartment and now looking for ideas to decorate it? If yes, then we suggest dividing your focus and energy equally between all the dos and don’ts. Because the process of designing a space requires equal attention to chances you can take and mistakes you must avoid at any cost. Moreover, it also helps to narrow down the choices and make the best possible decision. So if you want your space to look professionally designed but cannot afford one, then we suggest steering clear from these design mistakes.

Ill-sized Furniture

According to the design experts, keeping the size and proportion of furniture in mind before buying it is the most crucial thing. The term proportion here embodies the size of the furniture items with each other and the size of the room as a whole. For example, buying a huge sofa set for a small room will overcrowd the room. You will also have inadequate space to incorporate other design elements that add personality to the room. Likewise, buying a center table disproportionate to the size of the couch will also make it look out of the place. Your space will lack harmony and balance if you buy things separately and then plan to piece them together.

Too Many Colored Walls

No doubt, colorful walls add fun and dramatic hints to the overall house. But remember that the golden rule of “the more the merrier” does not apply here. The general rule of thumb is to avoid using more than 5 distinct colors in one house. Moreover, the color palette should be spread out evenly throughout the house for a smoother transition. But this doesn’t mean that you stick to the same family of colors, instead choose the ones that complement each other.

Ignoring The Functionality

Another common mistake is to blindly follow the recent trends on the internet without considering the practicality and limitation of your space. Paying attention to your lifestyle details are very important as they help you pick out the suitable elements. For example, if you host parties or dinners frequently, then think of ways for adding extra sitting space. If you have toddlers or pets who can easily break things, then avoid laying out delicate ornaments. The ideal design choices are the ones that are both practical and pretty.

Furniture Against The Wall

Placing all the furniture against the wall might be a smart move during these times of social distancing. But otherwise, it results in a seating arrangement where everyone is facing the wall and not each other. Try moving it inward in the form of a semi-circle for a more intimate arrangement. This allows for comfortable conversations, especially in spacious homes with large families. Use a TV or a center point like a fireplace to point all your furniture at.

Too Matchy Matchy

Well, if you buy perfectly coordinated matching furniture sets, then your house will end up looking like a furniture showroom. For example, instead of buying the bed frame and end tables from the same set try two different designs that complement each other when put together. The same applies to sofas and center tables, dining table, and its chairs. But be careful with this mixing and matching since you don’t want to create an asymmetrical look. This strategy also adds a charm to the house as well as gives it a personalized feel.

Inappropriate Lightning

Lightning is the real deal-breaker as it sets the entire mood and ambiance of the space. You have to consider the color, intensity, and position of the lights. Think of the functionality of the space like you will need dim lights for the bedroom, bright white ones for the bathroom, and a mixture of both in the living as its usage keeps fluctuating. The best strategy is to add light through multiple layers with separate switches and dimmers.

These tiny yet insignificant details are what sets apart a professionally designed home from the rest. 

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