The kitchen faucet is a small but indispensable part of the kitchen and also determines the style of the kitchen interior. There are several practical considerations to examine when purchasing a kitchen faucet. You have to choose which style you like for the tap, which color tap fits best with the kitchen and therefore also what kind of tap you want, that is why it is better to think about your daily needs and prepare yourself well before choosing a new kitchen faucet. Everything you need to know when buying a kitchen faucet, you can read in this blog post in a row!

Types of Kitchen Faucets

In the past, you installed a separate tap for hot water and a separate tap for cold water. Nowadays, the supply of hot water and cold water is connected to one-tap: the mixer. With a kitchen mixer, you can manually regulate the temperature. For example, if you are going to do the dishes, you create the ideal temperature by mixing cold and hot tap water. There are several suitable faucets for the kitchen that give both boiling and cold water separately or on one knob. Let’s quickly look at them.

1. Single lever mixer tap

The name is self-explanatory, you can operate the faucet with just one lever. The water warms up as you turn the knob one direction, and cools down when you flip it the other way. As a result, you may tweak the knob until the temperature is just like you want. The advantage of this tap is that you are not bothered by temperature fluctuations and the tap has protection against too hot temperatures. Finally, this tap saves water, because the water immediately flows out of the tap at the desired temperature and the water does not have to flow first to find the right temperature

2. Two-handle faucet

In contrast to the single-lever mixer, the two-lever faucet has two handles: hot and cold. By only turning on the cold tap you get cold water and by turning on only the hot tap you get hot water. The cold and warm buttons can also be accessed. In this way, the cold and warm water are mixed and you can create the temperature you want! Due to this, the temperature of water may fluctuate somewhat. It is also known as the wall tap as it must be built into the wall. Based on the number of holes that are used in the wall we speak of 2-hole wall taps or 3-hole wall taps.

Renovating A Kitchen Faucet Requires Some Practical Considerations

Together with the sink, the kitchen faucet is an important style element in your kitchen space. It goes without saying that you buy a kitchen faucet with the most suitable design, material, or color. For a modern kitchen, choose a sleeker model. But a kitchen faucet must also be durable, reliable, and easy to maintain because it is used countless times a day. Just think of washing your hands, rinsing vegetables or fruit, filling cooking pots, washing dishes, and cleaning the sink. Thus, choosing a faucet requires a lot of practical considerations.

Height and spout of the kitchen faucet

The height of the tap is determined by the selected sink. With a shallow sink, it is best to choose a low tap to avoid splashing water. In a deep wash basin, a high tap provides extra room to move. Kitchen faucets with a high spout (where the water comes out) make it easy to fill, for example, a high cooking pot or a bucket with water. If you have two sinks, a kitchen faucet with a swivel spout is ideal for alternately flowing water into one sink or the other. If you like to use a more flexible spout with a small handheld showerhead, a pull-out spout is perfect. With it, you can easily wash vegetables or thoroughly clean the sink.

Installing the Kitchen Faucet

If your current kitchen faucet is wall-mounted and you don’t plan to remodel or adapt the kitchen, buy a new wall-mounted kitchen faucet. In addition, you can opt for mounting on the worktop or on the sink with a surface-mounted tap. Or if you want only the essential parts to be visible, you can go for a built-in tap or installation integrated into the sink. This ensures a sleek appearance. Along with appearance it will also reduce space and precise area will appear on the picture.

Bottom Line

Of course, you want to buy a kitchen faucet in the best fitting style. Nowadays you can choose from various materials and colors. A kitchen tap in chrome-plated brass always works well and suits every kitchen style. But along with style and look also keep in mind the practical considerations discussed in this blog. Make an informed decision and put it into action in your kitchen. You will be amazed to see the results and your guests would be surprised.