An average kitchen overhaul runs between 20000$ to 50000$ depending on how deeply are we digging. But if you really listen to the experts you can save a lot of money on Kitchen remodeling, a little tweak here and a little there without spending a fortune can give it a new look and feel in a matter of days.

Below are some budget friendly kitchen remodeling tips to get you started on saving some money. 

Before you start

Have a grand plan, if you are planning on more than repainting the walls and changing the cabinets don’t try to save money on not hiring a designer. This will help you save money on a lot of expensive designing errors that might change the way your kitchen looks and functions. One other thing that should be done before a sledge hammer touches your kitchen wall is decide on the products and have them on sight. According to kitchen designing experts one major thing that puts your budget into a spiral is the kitchen products. Reason being if a product is backordered the owner is usually charged more and oh their contractors took out time from another project so now you are paying for those hours too. Now that we have these covered, let’s get started.

1.White paint is your friend

One of the biggest expense culprits  when it comes to kitchen renovation is cabinets. IF your cabinets are in good shape but look a little worn out or you just want to cook somewhere new, one tip only. Paint em white. Yes, paint them bright white. White paint does wonders for old cabinets and saves you a ton of money as well. We recommend washing, priming and then painting them. Adding a few things like lights or a window cover will enhance this white effort you put in.

2.New doors

If the structure of your cabinets is sound but are too outdated to be salvaged even by a coat of paint consider installing new doors to them. You don’t have to toss out the entire cabinets, just get the right measurements and order the doors you like online. Hey nobody knows what’s behind those doors, right *wink wink*

3.Light it up 

Bringing in more warm lights is always a good idea. Not only it brightens up your kitchen but also gives it that cozy ambiance that you love enjoying while solo cooking. Hanging well designed pendants for light and style. Make sure you add bright overhead lights concentrated in certain areas specially where you will be cooking. Also cabinet lights, they are functional as well as won’t break your budget. 

4.No one will know its Remnant stone

We all want those beautiful granite and solid surface counters but they are bound to break your back and bank literally. We have a secret to tell you, if you don’t have to cover huge swaths of countertops to cover up, go to the granite supply yards and check out the remnants they have. You will find yourself some great deals, go hurry up. Thank us later

5.Make scratches and dents your friend

If you are comfortable with hand me downs, this tip will save you loads of cash in the longer run. Having reuse stores that sell used kitchen improvement items. Pay them a visit to look for things you might need in your remodeling, also ask contractors and builders for places they donate or sell their overstock . A little bit of timing and hint of luck, you never know what you might get.