Nordic or Scandinavian homes and kitchens have been the rage for quite a while. With the increasing popularity of minimalistic interior design, the elegance and timeless class of nordic style has been highlighted. This style features wooden textures, bright whites and light hues, and natural elements that make the space feel organic and fresh. These interiors are often featured with a few dark elements to bring out the dramatic appeal of the space and keep it looking interesting and bold yet energising and refreshing!
If you’re looking for upgrading your kitchen interior to this timeless beauty, here is a basic introduction to what makes a kitchen interior scandinavian:
Two Toned Cabinets:
White hues with a hint of color are rooted deep into Scandinavian kitchens. While the white gives the space a bright and peaceful aura, a hint of color keeps it from looking boring and blank! This minimalistic design feature can be featured in pastels and woody textures, with the white on primary cabinets and the other color on the lower secondary cabinets. Applying a wooden texture to the lower cabinets will also give your design a unique and subtle visual interest. While it is surely a popular choice, Nordic kitchens often feature dark painted single tone cabinets to give the space a more dramatic feel. Whichever you decide, make sure your color choice for the two toned cabinets goes with the rest of the interior and doesn’t overpower it.
Minimalist White or Striking Jet Black:
Nordic is based on rough nordic winters, rooted in simplicity and cheerful elegance. Combined with minimalistic aesthetics, it presents an array of fabulous decor and textural beauty. Bright whites with pops of color and wood is what scandinavian style is mostly focused on, but you can also feature a jet black wall in your kitchen to give it that chilly winter vibe and a dramatic feel. Paired with a wooden floor and concrete countertop, you’ll have yourself a beautiful and timeless kitchen that is bound to leave you in awe.
Pop of Color:
Whether you’re using an overall white or a dark theme, you can always introduce a pop of color here and there in the form of a bold backsplash or cabinets. Dark colors like royal blue and purple are a popular choice for adding some dramatic visual interest into the space in the form of featured cabinets besides the two toned cabinets. You can use this color scheme on the island cabinets or use a bright color like aqua or celeste to bring out some life with the kitchen backsplash. In overall white themed kitchens, painting the cabinets black with a natural wood backsplash also creates a beautiful nordic aesthetic that will absolutely capture your heart!
Modern Furniture:
Modern furniture like tulip tables and swan chairs can be placed in the kitchen as an additional color table or by a window nook. To get that classic Scandinavian feel, use blood wood accents for tables and chair arms etc paired with leather seats which will help make your space look and feel fresh and organic. You must avoid making the space look crowded by using oversized furniture, and keep to smaller accent chairs and tables that keep the overall look simple yet elegant.
The key point is simplicity and functionality, and the wooden texture adds a beautiful visual contrast to the space!

Nordic style is getting really popular for interior design because it revolves around simplicity, functionality and minimalism, which is a fast growing living style nowadays. You can always add a touch of personal taste to your design to make your kitchen look and feel more homey and comfortable, but hopefully this brief look into nordic style will get your minimalistic juices flowing in time for your renovation!